About us

CEO Greetings

Welcome to Daejung Chemicals & Metals!

With more than 48 years of history, Daejung Chemicals & metals pursues growth and excellence
by enhancing the level of satisfaction of its customers, employees, and shareholders, as well

At the heart of this growth are the passions of employees, the leadership of the Founder, and the management philosophy based on the philosophy of respecting our customers, entrepreneurial spirit of our Founder and top environment.

Based on our management philosophy and experience, we will continue to support and provide value-added benefits for the customers now and in the future.

Thank you for your supply. Goot to strong, strong to great.
We promise to share values with our customers and shareholders as Daejung Chemicals & Metals Chemicals & Metals further evolves into a global world-class enterprise.

Thank you.

CEO Song Young-joon