Cyber Sinmungo Daejung Hwaeum operates a cyber Shinmungo as part of ethical management practice.
Cyber Reporting Information

The Cyber Shinmungo is a space where you can report unfair business practices or illegal acts by our executives and employees.Daejung Chemical is waiting for your precious words to establish an ethical corporate culture.
We will continue to do our best for fair and transparent corporate management based on honesty and trust.

Report type

  • Embezzlement of company assets
  • Acceptance of money, entertainment, and improper solicitation
  • Unfair equity participation in unlisted companies
  • Cases of double employment of employees
  • Business handling behaviors that misuse and abuse one's authority
  • Cases of damage such as verbal abuse, assault, and sexual harassment
  • Other acts that violate the Code of Ethics

Report handling procedure


whistleblower protection


informant's identity

Evidence presented by the informant or information collected related to the report

Matters that may suggest the suspect, etc.

protection policy

Cyber Shinmungo is operated by a limited number of people who have pledged to adhere to confidentiality.

All reports, such as the informant, the content of the report, and information on relevant stakeholders, are strictly protected and handled as confidential.

If the informant is disadvantaged or punished due to the report, restoration to the original state or equivalent compensation is carried out.

In addition, if you report any corruption or corruption related to you, it will be dealt with reasonably through sufficient extenuating circumstances.

Please fill out the attached form and send it to the following email address. Email: 첨부파일

The processing result will be notified later by e-mail.

Report reception