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- In other matters, please write down the words you want to leave when shipping. Ex) Request a copy of the Daejeonghwa Geum Catalog
method of payment Select payment method Credit card Online Deposit (Internet Banking)
Online payment Amount to be deposited : 1,306,800 won
  Deposit bank :
  Account Holder : daejeonghwageum Co., Ltd.
- You can use "Safe Transaction Service" when paying in cash over 100,000 won.
 ( KCP escrow service available by card payment)
- If you want a cash receipt, you can issue it through KCP account transfer using card payment.
- If you wish to make a deposit to a bank other than the above banks, please contact Daejeonghwa Money (031-488-8822~8).
- If payment is not made within 5 days, the order will be automatically cancelled.
- Please make a deposit by writing the name of the depositor in the same way as the name of the orderer.
 If it is different, please contact Daejeonghwageum (031-488-8822~8).
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Maker Product Name Grade Pakage Price Quantity Order amount
D.J [1,1′-Bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene]dichloropalladium(II) GR 1G 60,000 1 60,000
Total order amount - 60,000won / VAT - 6,000won / delivery fee - Free (except Jeju Island)

Total payment amount : 66,000 won

- Please note that if the total order amount is less than 50,000 won (excluding VAT), it will be delivered by courier.(Jeju Island is always shipped by courier service regardless of the purchase amount)
- The deadline for same-day deposit (card payment) is 3pm. If payment is made after 3pm (payment by credit card), delivery will start from the next day.
-In case of multiple orders, the total amount of must be paid at once to be shipped in bundles.(When paying separately, you must complete the reorder and payment processing in 20 minutes for bundled delivery.)